The Granada Pub Quiz

Without a doubt the best way to start your Friday night in Granada.

We like to keep things simple so the categories are basic,

The Granada Pub Quiz – All Things Spanish

Friday 9th Feb2012

Q.1 Who will be playing in this years football Copa del rey. 1 point for each.

Q.2 Extremadura is an autonomous community in Spain, but it is divided into 2 Provincias. Name the 2. 1 point for each.

Q.3 We know the Costa Tropical and there are some great unspoilt beaches on the costa de la Luz, but which famous sunny costa separates these two.

Q.4 Sofia is the wife of King Juan Carlos but in which capital city was she born?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in Cuenca, which region of spain would you be in. Autonomous community.

Q.6 If you are watching football at el Madrigal, what team are the home supporters cheering for.

Q.7 What is the name of the Spanish national Anthem?

Q.8 Picasso’s most famous piece La Guernica resides at what museum.

Q. 9 With a height of With a height of 250 m what is the tallest building in Spain.

Q. 10 Francisco Rivera Pérez was a legendary bullfighter who was gored to death by a bull named “avispado” but what was he better known as?

Friday 17th February 2012:

Round 3 All things Spanish

Q.1 What is the name of the main airport at Madrid

Q.2 Galicia is on the Atlantic Ocean and borders Portugal to its South. However it also borders 2 other Spanish Automous communities. Name the 2. 1 point for each.

Q.3 sometimes referred to as the “Manhattan of Spain” or “Beniyork” I am of course talking about Benidorm, but on what Coast would you find this humble seaside resort?

Q.4 Felipe is the heir to the throne, but who is currently second in sucession to the throne?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in Santander, which region of spain would you be in. Autonomous community.

Q.6 Sancho Panza, is the fictional character of which Spanish novel. For a bonus point what is the name of his Horse?

Q.7 He was born in the town of Figueres in 1904 and died in Figueres aged 84 in 1989, which famous Spanish Painter am I reffering to?

Q.8 If you are watching football at San Mames, which football team would you be supporting.

Q. 9 Puss in Boots o el gato en botas, has which Spanish actor as the lead voice.

Q. 10 Considered the most successful filmmaker of his generation, with films such as Volver, habla con ella y la mala educacion, which director am I talking about ?

Friday 24th February 2012 All Things Spanish

Q.1 The tower of Hercules (Torre de Hercules) In La coruña is the oldest what in the world.

Q.2 What were the first two denominaciones de origen in Spain In 1925 and 1932. Name the 2. 1 point for each.

Q.3 which Spanish costa official begins in the south at the river La Tordera and goes as far north as the border of France.?

Q.4 Princess Letizia is married to Prince felipe. But what was her profession before they got married?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in the city of Zaragosa, which region of spain would you be in. Autonomous community.

Q.6 Don Diego de la Vega is the fictional character in books, tv series, cartoons and over 40 films, he is the secret identity of which hero?

Q. Who was the first Spanish author to win the nobel prize for literature, in 1904?

Q.8 If you are watching football at the Vicente calderon stadium , which football team would you be supporting.

Q. 9 Spain has two territories located on mainland morocco, but what are they. 1pt for each.

Q. 10 She has a younger brother Eduardo is a singer and a younger sister Monica who is an actress, but which Madrileña super star celebrity are we talking about?

Mar 2nd 2012 Spain Pub Quiz Questions Round 3 All things Spanish

Q.1In Which city was Pablo Picasso born in 1881. And for a bonus point in which country did die in 1973.

Q.2 Only 2 Spanish acts have ever reached the no.1 position in the US Top 100 who are they. The years are 96 and 99.

Q.3 If you were sitting on the beach in Cadiz, on which Spanish Costa would you be?

Q.4 Which Northern spanish city is famous for hosting the San Fermines festival every July?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in the city of Lugo, which region of Spain would you be in. Autonomous community.

Q.6 Which English author fought in the Spanish Civil war and was to then write about his experiences in his book Homage to Catolonia?

Q. Which Spanish writer and poet wrote the play La Casa de Barnarda Alba?

Q.8 Spain beat Venzula 5-0 during the week, but in what city was the game played.

Q. 9 According to the Guiness book of records which ageing Spanish celebrity possesses the most noble titles in the world.

Q. Which famous architect is responsible for work including parquet Guell and la Sagrada famila?

9th of March 2012  All things Spanish

Q.1 Which famous Catalan painter and sculptor was born in Barcelona in 1893 and died in Palma Mallorca in 1983 at age 90.

Q.2 Cantabria and Asturias are not famous for their sunshine, but which beautiful Spanish costa do they share?

Q.3 Which famous Spanish musician who is from La Cartuja, Granada is known as the pioneer of Spanish Rock, he has been performing since the 60’s.his biggest selling hit is “himno a la alegría.”

Q.4 On the 15th of May is día de San Isidro, and there is big celebrations and a festival organised to honour this city’s patron saint. But which city am I talking about?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in the town of Ronda, which province of andalucia would you been in. La provincia. There are 8 provinces in total.

Q.6 Pan’s Labyrinthe or el labarinto de Fuano depicts life after the Spanish Civil war, but what is the name of the Mexican Director?

Q. Which Spanish Guitarrest who died in 1997 was famous for touring the world and always played a 10 string guitar?

Q.8 which Spanish football team surprisingly beat Manchester Utd. 3-2 last night in The Europa League .

Q. 9 Who recorded the album “No es lo mismo” the best selling Spanish album of 2003.

Q. Which Socialist politician led the PSOE from 1974 to 1997 ?

All things Spanish and mixture–

Q.1 What is the name of the prize awarded at the San Sebastian film festival. ?

Q.2.What is the modern name of the country that was called mespotania?

Q.3.How many lines does the Madrid metro have. I am not including the metro light, the main metro starts at line one and goes up to what number?

Q.4 In which country did Che Guevara die?

Q.5 In which Spanish city was Isabel Catolica crowned queen of Castilla?

Q.6 What is the Jules rimet trophy better known as?

Q.7.In which automounous community would you find Ourense?

Q.8 which town in Spain is the self proclaimed Windsurf capital of the world?

Q.9 Biscuter is the inseperable partner of which fictional detective?

Q.10.Which River seperates Buda from Pest?

General Knowledge – The Granada Pub Quiz.

Quiz questions 9th Feb 2012

Q.1 What two colours make up the flag of Granada? 1 point for each.

Q,2 What is the collective name for Tinky winky, dipsy, la la and Po.

Q. 3Which Spanish Judge has been in the newspapers this week and has been told he is prohibited from being a judge for at least the next 11 Years. (surname will do)

Q.4 What planet is closest to the sun?

Q.5 Where would you find the sea of tranquillity or Mare tranquillitatis?

q. 6What is the name of the poker hand to contain three of a kind and a pair.

q. 7Who was on the front cover of Playboy magazine in 1953

q.8Who created the cartoon cat Garfield.

q. 9Who won the 1936 “miss hungary” title but had to give it up because she was only 16

q. 10Which toy derives its name from the Danish words for “Play-´Well”?

Friday 17th February 2012 General Knowledge

Q.1 What two colours make up the flag of Andalucía (1pt for each)

Q,2 What City was formerly known as New amsterdam

Q. 3 In which sport are the periods of play called chukkas.

Q.4 What is the largest planet in our solar system?

Q.5 Nancy Cartright plays the voice of which caroon character?

q. 6 Prosecco is a sparkling white wine comes from which country?.

q. 7 Who is Kurt Cobains widow.

q.8 What culture changing company was launched in september 1998

q. 9Who wrote the original James Bond Books

q. 10What is the mountain range that you would find between France and Spain

Friday 24th February 2012 General Knowledge

Q.1 What two colours make up the flag of Catolonia (1pt for each)

Q,2 What Country was formerly known as Siam

Q. 3 In what ball sport are there two distinct types of corners taken. A short one and a long one.

Q.4 What is the name of the main hobbit in the “the hobbit” ?

Q.5Who is the greek godess of Victory?

q. 6 She plays Susan delfino in desperate housewives and previously played Lois Lane, which American actress amd I talking about?.

q. 7 He is known as Charlie in France, Walter in Germany, Waldo in the US. But how is he known in Spain?.

q.8 According to the bible cain was banished to the land of nod. But where was it located?

q. 9 In tennis what is always the last of the four grand slam events.

q. 10What is the mountain range that you would find between Argentina and Chile

Spain Pub Quiz questions 2nd March 2012 Feb  General Knowledge

Q.1 What two colours make up the flag of Madrid (1pt for each)

Q,2 If you were born today in astrology what star sign would you be?

Q. 3 In what sport would you perform an Eskimo roll.

Q.4 The Prince of Orange is the title carried by the heir to which crown ?

Q.5In mythology who was the first and last person to solve the riddle of the Sphinx?

q. 6 The name of which instrument derives its name from the greek for wood and voice, meaning “wooden sound”?.

q. 7which Colombian born actress has shot to fame in the last year with her starring role as Gloria in Modern Family?.

q.8 In the new testament of the bible who comes before and after Mark? One point for each.

q. 9 If you were betting on a little ball to land on numbers from 0 – 36 what game would you be playing.

q. 10 Saint Andrew is the patron saint of which nation?

Quiz questions Spain General Knowledge .1

Q.1 White is one what are the other 2 colours make up the flag of país vasco (1pt for each)

Q,2Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a weighing scales, una balanza?

Q. 3 with what sport would you associate Sergio García.

Q.4 Prince Albert is the son of rainier III and the American actress Grace Kelly but he is the prince of where ?

Q.5In mythology the Greeks are believed to have defeated the Trojans by entering Troy in what animal?

q. 6 Miles Davis is possibly the most famous Jazz musician, but which instrument did he most regularly play?.

q.7. which Actor became the new James Bond playing the starring role in Casino Royale?.

q.8 Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?

q. 9 If you are playing the card game Blackjack, was is the ideal score or number that you want to reach.

q. 10 The Yen is the currency of what country?

General Knowledge

Q.1 White is one but what are the other 2 colours make up the flag of Ireland (1pt for each)

Q,2Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a crab, cangrejo?

Q. 3 with what sport would you associate Aranxta Sanches Vicario.

Q.4 Kate Middleton last year married which Prince?

Q.5In acient Greece who was the father of the gods and of men and also the god of thunder and the sky?

q. 6 Which legendary American singer-songwriter who was born in 1941 and is still performing had famous hits such as “blowing in the wind” and “ Like a rolling stone”?.

q.7. Julia Roberts was the female lead in Pretty woman but who was the male star of the movie ?.

q.8 Leonardo da Vincii painted the Mona Lisa, but in what gallery is it on permanent display?

q. 9 There are many variations of poker, but what type of poker is played when you keep two cards in your hand and there are 5 communal cards on the table.

q. 10 The Ruble is the currency of which country?

General Knowledge

Q.1 White is one but what 2 other colours made up the flag of mexico (1pt for each)

Q,2 Which fictional family lives at 742 evergreen terrace?

Q. 3 Which American author wrote about the adventures of huckleberry finn.

Q.4 In 1976 Princess Anne of the UK participated in the Olympics but in what sport?

Q.5 Harpo and Zeppo are tow but name the other 2 marx brothers?

q. 6 which Irish rock band had worldwide hits with linger and Zombie ?.

q.7. Barcelona drew 0-0 in the champions league this week, but who were they playing against ?.

q.8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born and lived in what country?

q.9  The original star wars movie was released in what decade. Bonus point for exact year

q. 10 The Seychelle islands are found in what ocean?

Specialist and Theme rounds – The Granada Pub Quiz Questions

Sporty couples:

Q.1 We all know that David Beckham is married to Victoria, but what was her maiden name.

Q.2 Before Christmas of Last year, Malena Costa announced that she had broken up with which Ageing  footballer.

Q.3 Mirka Vavrinec born in 1978 in Slovakia, a former professional tennis player gave birth to twin girls in July 09, but who is their swiss father.

Q. 4The American basketball player Tony Parker announced his divorce in 2010 from which major television star?

Q.5 After Spains triumph in the football world cup of 2010, which couples romantic kiss immediately went viral on YOUtube. 2 points, one for each of the couple.

Q.6 The Cyclist Lance Armstrong is married to which megastar singer songwriter.

Q.7 Which footballer whose son was born in the summer of 2010 is believed to have signed a million dollar contract so that the estranged mother would never see her son again.

Q.8 The English model Naomi Cambell made headlines in 2005 when she was linked with which Formula One boss.

Q.9 Rebecca June Cartright used to be a teen idol on the Australian soap Home and Away, playing the delicious Hayley, but who is her sporty husband?

Q.10 Jaden Gil born in Oct 2001 and Jaz Elle born two years later, both of their parents reached the very top of their game, but who are they.  Point for each.

Something Fishy:

Q.1 Keiko the orca  is the real name of the star of this 1993 movie, what is the title of it?

Q.2 1998 Movie a A fish called Wanda starred John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis however it won one Oscar, for the best supporting actor, whose name in the movie is Otto. Who played the role. –

Q.3 Jaws is a classic that we all know and love directed by Stephen Spielberg, but in what year was it realesed. Within 5 years. For 1 point the exact year 2 points.

Q.4 The little Mermaid has been recreated many times as a an animated movie, musical theatre and ballet, but who wrote the original tale.

Q.5 Waterworld is the movie a big flop by all accounts but who played the starring role?

Q.6 Which hugely successful underwater movie won the Oscar for best animated feature in 2003?

Q.7 “Call me Ishmael” is the opening line to which American classic novel?

Q.8  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the stars in which 1987 romantic comedy?

Q.9 Captain Jack Sparrow and Will turner are the lead charcters in which Hugely successful 21st centure movie.

Q.10 The Dolphins are an American Football franchise out of Miami but what is the Baseball team from Miami called?

Nicknames or stagenames:

Q.1The Land of the rising sun is a commonly used nickname to refer to which country.

Q.2 His surname is Gonzales Blanco he was born on 27th of June 1977, but what is the only name we ever saw on the back of his number 7 jersey?

Q.3 He was born born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941, he is a singer songwriter and all round legend, but by what name do we know him?

Q.El Greco, is the nickname of an artist born in Greece, but he spent the majority of his life living and painting in Toledo. But in which century did he die 1614?

Q.5. The pumas is the nickname for the rugby team from which country.

Q.6 . born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner[1] on 2 October 1951, he played in Granada a sold out concert in Granada last summer, but how do we better know this English musician.

Q.7.She was born in Michigan in 1958 and her surname is ciccone, but how do we know this hugely successful singer and actress who seems to always be in Vogue?

Q.8. Paul Hewson and David Howell Evans are members of the same worldwide succesful band, but both go by nicknames. What are their stagenames? 1 point for each.

Q.9 The Tube, is the commonly used nickname for which cities underground transport?

Q.10. His Christian names are Eldrick Tont, but how does the world better know this billion dollar sportsman?.

City slickers – Every answer contains the name of a famous city

Q.1 She has a chihaua named tinkerbell, and achieved fame for MTV’s The simple Life, and achieved infamy for a 2003 “sex Tape” Who am I talking about.

Q.2 Which 80’s  band had major success with take my breath away the theme song from Top Gun,.

Q.3. Napolean famously lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815, the Anglo Allied forces were victorius and they were lead by Arthur Wellesley. But how was he better Known.

Q.4 Carnival starts next week if you are celebrating on Copacaban or Ipanema beachs what city would you be in?

Q.5 The tales of the Alhambra, quite famous in Granada but who is the American author?

Q.6 If you call yourself Porteños from what large capital city do you originally come from ??

Q.7 “?  In the 1992 movie white Men cant jump, Wesley snipes was the star, but after what Southern hemisphere city does his character take his name.

Q.8  Start Spreading the news, I’m leaving today. The opening lines from which classic 70’s hit?

Q.9 The name of the football team is Osasuna, but from which Northern Spanish city do they come from?

Q.10 IStambul is consider to separate euopre from Asia, but it was not always called Istambul, officially the name changed in 1923, but what was the former name for this city.?

Fruit and Veg:

Q1 The Pomegranate is a fruit associated with the beautiful city that we are in, but due to its similarity in appearance which weapon owes its name to the pomegranate. .

Q.2 What is the main  flavour of the liquer Cointreau?

Q.3 The disease and failing of what crop caused the death and emigration of over 2million during ireland’s great Famine of the 1840’s ?

Q.4. What fruit supposedly inspired Isaac Newton to write the laws of gravity?

Q.5. Fawylty towers is a famous british comedy, but what was the name of Joh Cleeses lead character .

Q.6 .SaurKraut is a famous german food, but waht is the main ingredient.

Q.7.what type of bean is Tofu made from?

Q.8.The cocktail the Screwdriver is made from 2 ingredients,, Vodka and which fresh juice?.

Q.9 If a dish is a la Florentine which ingredient is it assumed to have?

Q.10 A traditional waldorf salad apart from sometimes sitting on lettuce contains four ingredients. Apples and grapes are two, but what are the other two? 1 point for each.

Boys names. Every Answer is a Boy’s name (n.b. some are in English and some are in Spanish)

Q.1 The academy awards to be held this Sunday awarding some of the great and sometimes not so greats of cinema are better known as. For an extra point, I want the name of the equivalent for the  amercian theatre awards.

Q.2 Goliath described as a giant philistine warrior is famous for his combat with which future king,.

Q.3.JFK, the famous president of the USA, his real name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but by what common boy’s name was he known to his friends and colleagues?

Q.4 Paco is the nickname or shortened name for what Spanish boy’s name?

Q.5 The flag of the United Kingdom is commonly reffered to as the Union ?

Q.6 The Capital of Chile is also a Spanish Boy’s name, but what is it?

Q.7.Kangaroos are quite famous in Australia, but what is the name of a baby kangaroo?

Q.8  The government of the United States, especially during war times is often personified and called Uncle…?

Q.9 Coming up in March people around the world will be celebrating Irelands National day, It is the day of which saint?

Q.10 This don is a legendary fictional libertine, he was originally created by the Spanish author Tirso de Molina but has appeared in many many tales all over the world since since. Which famous seducer and womanising don am I talking about. .?

2nd March 2012 Quiz Questions Witches and Wizards:

Q1.The British author JK Rowling has become a very rich lady through her creation of which famous wizard. An extra point if you know what the J stands for in her name .

Q.2 Sabrina the teenage witch was a famous comic, film and one of my favourite tv shows, she lives with her two witch aunts but what are their first names. 1 pt for each.

Q.3 In the wonderful wizard of Oz, what is the name of the youg girl who is the lead character?

Q.4.Anne Boyleyn was famously executed and she was at the time considered by many to be a withc but to which famous Kingo of England was she married to at that time?

Q.5.The Salem witch trials 1692-1693, took place in a town called Slaem, but in which US state would you find Salem .

Q.6 .The Witches is an all time favourite childrens book and was made into a film. It was written by Roald Dahl who died in 1990, but in which decade was Dahl born.

Q.7.Which Legendary wizard is associated with his dealing of King Arthur during the 5th and early 6th century?

Q.8.Which 1970 British glam rock band had the chart topping Christmas song with “I wish it could be Christmas everyday”.

Q.9 Harry Potter is quite a famous young wizard but where did he study his wizardry?

Q.10 Back to the wizard of Oz, along the way (on the yellow brik road) the lead character meets the The scarecrow, the tin woodman and a lion. Each of them are searching for something to make them complete what is each looking for? 1 point for each..

Places and famous landmarks. I will give the name of the place and you are to give me the correct city. 7 in Spain and 6 around the rest of the world.

Q.1 La sagrada Famila.

Q.2,Westminister Abbey.

Q.3.The Guggenheim Museum (Spanish one)?

Q.4The Taj Mahal?

Q.5 The Nasrid Palace?

Q.6 The brandenburg gate?

Q.7.Puerta de Alcala?

Q.8  The Spanish Steps

Q.9 La Giralda?

Q.10.the golden gate bridge?

Q.11 El Miguelete o el micalet

q.12 La Casa Rosada

q. 13 La Mezquita

Round 2Animal Kingdom:

Q1 Tom and Jerry are what type of animals, 1 point for each but you have to be specific. What is Tom and what is Jerry?

Q.2. The girls of playboy are associated with what young animal?

Q.3 Phoebe Buffet from the hit series Friends used to sing about which smelly animal?

Q.4.The Emblem of the English football team is made up of three of what animal?

Q.5.What animal is traditionally served on The USA’s Thanksgiving day?

Q.6 which 1960’s English rock band is best known for their hit song “the house of the rising sun”? The Animals

Q.7.Mufasa and his son samba are the stars of which Disney movie?

Q.8. which animal has been celebrated this week at the famous Cheltenham festival.

Q.9 Nathalie Portman plays the starring role in the 2010 thriller, Black _____ what?

Q.10 Flipper is the star of the show, but what tye of animal is he?.

Quiz questions about A corporate world

Q.1 Zara the clothes shops was set up by a now very very rich man named Amancio Ortega but in what spanish city did he open the very first Zara shop?

Q.2 Which online website has become famous for only allowing you to write a maximium of 140 characters at a time.

Q.3. Homer Simpson works in a Nuclear plant. But what is the name of his boss, the owner of the plant?

Q.4 News Corp is one of the biggest media empires in the world owning papers such as the Times of London, the wall street Journal as well as television channel such as fox news and sky sports but which Australian is the owner and chairman of the corporation?

Q.5 The Real Madrid football team since 2007 have had a Betting or Gambling company as the main sponsor on their shirt but which company is it?

Q.6  Which multi billion dollar company was set up in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page ?

Q.7. Which television series is set at the fictional 1960’s  New York advertising agency Sterling Cooper?

Q.8. In the superman movies, clark Kent and Lois lane both work at what Newspaper?

Q.9 Most of us had heard of steve Jobs, but what is the name of the new man in charge of Apple?

Q.10.With over 800 million registered users if it was a country it would be the third largest in the world but what website was set up by Mark zuckerberg?

Round 2 former colonies:

Q1 Dakar is the capital of which former french colony?

Q.2 Tonic which contains quinine was found to protect against malaria, but in which former british colony did they first mix Gin and Tonic.

Q.3Christopher Columbus is famous for discovering America, but after which explorer is the continent named after?

Q.4.In which modern day country were the Boer wars fought ?

Q.5. The Movie apocalypto depicts the end of the mayan empire, but which Hollywood star directed this 2006 movie.

Q.6 The battle of El Alamo was fought between what was then the republic of texas and which other country?..

Q.7 The Island of Hispaniola in the carribean is divided into two independant countries what are they. 1pt for each.?

Q.8.Which current French colony borders Brazil to the North.

Q.9 Which Former English colony gained its independence in 1921 and with a war of independence that was led by Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera

Q.10.The US has 50 states, Alaska was the 49th state to become part of the USA but what is the 50th state.

Rd4 quiz questions with a Girls name for every answer –

Q.1 O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou. Asked which love struck teenager?

Q.2 Which girl did Sting and the Police warn that she did not have to put on the red light, tonight.,

Q.3.In Spain if a girl is known as Maite, what is expected to be her real name?

Q.4 In 2005 which Hurricane caused millions of dollars of damage and flooded New Orleans?

Q.5 These two sisters are famous English writers, one wrote Jane Eyre and the other wrote Wuthering Heights, but what are their first names. 1 pt for each?

Q.6 One of my favourite girls names, I am looking for the capital city of Bulgaria.?

Q.7.which Opera written by Georges Bizet is based in Sevilla in the 1820’s about a beautiful gypsy girl?

Q.8 In 1492 Columbus sailed to America, there were 3 ships in total, one was called the Pinta but what was the names of the other two boats, 1pt for each.

Q.9 It is known as mparantwe by the aboriginal people but what is the most central town in Australia?

Q.10.This could be the make or break of the winning team, 3 songs by the Beatles that include girls names. Possible 3 points on offer?

Round 2 Girl Power female popstars:

Q1 which American singer shot to fame with songs such as Mecedez Benz and Me and bobby McGhee?

Q.2 Her real name is Lourdes Hernandez, born in Madrid in 1985 and became famous around spain with her album I love your glasses but what is her stage name.?

Q.3 which singer was married to Sonny Bono in the 1960’s and has since gone on to have no.1 hits in 5 consecutive decades and has also won an Oscar for best actress in the movie Moonstruck?

Q.4. Which English singer shot to fame with the album back to black and the hit song Rehab?

Q.5.This teen sensation shot to fame as Hannah Montanta and has since had success as a singer with Party in the USA, who am I talking about?

Q.6 Amaiah Montero from the pais vasco is now a popular solo artist, but from 1996 – 2007 she was the lead singer of which famous Spanish group.

Q.7.Whcih UK Singer recently won a record 6 grammy awards and has songs that I love such as Rolling in the deep and the poignant “someone like you”?

Q.8. Which Spanish gypsy singer and actress has had hits with no Dudaría and played a starring role in Almodovar’s habla con ella?

Q.9 Which famous singer and pianist and civil rights activist, who was known as the high priestess of soul,died aged 70 in 2003. One of her hit songs was “I put a spell on you” ?

Q.10  Which singer, most commonly has a shved head, she has offended the pope on a number of occasions, been married 4 times, but is still most famous for her song Nothing compares to You?.

Rd4 Drinks of the world

Q.1 Which drink typically from the north of Spain consists of 50% wine and 50% coca cola?

Q.2. Super bock is a type of beer from which European country?

Q.3.If I was drinking Hendricks gin. I would be offended if I saw a lemon or lime in my glass. Which Fruit or vegetable is added to a properly poured glass of hendricks?

Q.4 Shaken not stirred, is how James Bond likes what drink?

Q.5 Moet et Chandon and Veuve Cliqueot are famous brands of what drink?

Q.6 From 1759 to the present day Guiness has been brewed in what city?

Q.7. Earl Grey is a variety of which popular drink?

Q.8 What juice is used in the cocktail Bloody Mary?

Q.9 What is Reisling ?

Q.10.Jack Daniels is produced in which US State?

Round 2 Colours every answer is a colour:

Q1 In what color submarine did the beetles used to live in?

Q.2I am looking for the name of the American female Singer “lets get this party started”.?

Q.3 In snooker which color ball is worth 3 points when potted?

Q.4. What color house would you find at 1600 Pensylvania avenue.?

Q.5.I am looking for the first name of the actress who starred in Match point and Lost in Translation?

Q.6. Ireland has an often used nickname it is the ————-Isle

Q.7.Which really fantastic boyband represented the UK at the 2011 eurovision song contest?

Q.8.During the 2nd world war the Soviet Unions army was known as what color army?

Q.9 Which Jack starred in the movie  the  school of Rock?

Q.10 Finally to be answered in Spanish what is the nickname of Granada Club de Futbol  ?.

Our very special Picture Rounds.

The first one is all quiz picture round for famous spanish personalities.

The second one is quiz picture round for golden oldies.

quiz faces famous spaniards

quiz photos golden oldies

Quiz questions Friday the 20th april

Q.1 White is one but what 2 other colours made up the flag of Iceland (1pt for each)

Q,2 what was the name of the whitehouse intern that Bill Clinton claimed he did not have sexual relations with?

Q. 3.  In which decade was Nelson Mandela sent to prison. Bonus point for exact year

Q.4.what kind of Boys had a hit song in the 80’s with “west end girls” ?

Q.5 What type of dance was Rudolf Nureyev famous for?

q. 6 What sport is played with stones and brooms?

q.7.In which decade did James Deane die, extra point for year?.

q.8 What two countries are connected by the Kyber Pass ?

q.9 Which actor shot to fame in 1976 when he played Rocky balboa?

Q10 when playing Texas hold em poker, if you say that you are holding poket rockets, what 2 cards do you have in your hand?

Round 2 Europe, every answer is a country in Europe:

Q1 Who won last years Eurovision song contest?

Q2. Which contries largest airport is calle Schipol.?

Q.3 Apart from Fance and Belgium I am looking for 2 other countires that include French as an official national language?

Q.4.What country does Ikea originally come from?

Q.5.Spain won the last Euro championships in 2008 but who won in 2004 ?

Q.6. The UK is one what are the only 2 other countries that are in the GMT timezone?

Q.7.What country is Arnold Swartzniger originally come from?

Q.8. Tiblisi is the capital of which Country

Q.9 From which country does my favourite tennis player Ana Ivanoc¡vic come from?

Q.10 Off which country would you find the aran islands ?

Round 4 strange but true:

Q1In what month do Russians celebrate the October revolution?

Q2.What type of animal or creature is a Bombay duck?

Q.3 which country do Panama hats originally come from?

Q.4.The Canary islands are originally named after what type of animal.

Q.5.what colour is an airplanes black box?

Q.6.In which month does germany’s Oktoberfest start?

Q.7.How long did the 100 year war last, close to 5 years is good enough?

Q.8.what is special about the sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog”?

Q.9 In a standard deck of cards whichis the only king not to have a moustache?

Q.10 What is the most printed money in the world?.

q.11 What is the only bird that can swim but not fly

Q12what number do the opposite sides of a dice always add up to?

Quiz questions Friday the 4th of May

Q.1 What 2 colours make up the flag of Galicia (1pt for each)

Q,2 St. Tropez, Sienna X and Fake Bake are famous brand names of what type of product?

Q. 3. The effect in which hostage victims form an emotional attachment to their captors is what syndrome?

Q.4.Name Irvine Welsh’s 1993 novel about heroin addcition ?

Q.5 Whch country’s leader recently announced the effective nationalisation of local oil assets owne by the Spanish corporation repsol?

q. 6 Name the African American revolutionary organisation founded in the US in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale?

q.7.SNCF is the state railway of which European country?.

q.8 Which controversial publisher of secret information last month presented the show “The world tomorrow”?

q.9 Which Spaniard was the longest serving president of the International Olympic committee from 1980 to 2001?

Q10 What is the only human organ capable of natural regeneragtion of lost tissue?

Round 2Summer:

Q1 Whose summer villa is at castle gandolfo?

Q2. Which group had the 1970’s  hit “In the Summertime”.?

Q.3 As the owner of what type of shops is Anne summers renowned?

Q.4.What is the date of St. John’s day?

Q.5.What is the holiday that they celebrate in the US that signals the end of the summer?

Q.6.Which famous miusical included the song summer nights?

Q.7. In what year did the US, Canada and many other nations boycott the Moscow Olympics.?

Q.8 What year is the Summer of Love associated with?

Q.9 Who wrote the play “A midsummer night’s dream”?

Q.10 Which Irish celtic punk band sang the song “Summer in Siam”?

Round 3 more general:

Q1 Which Spanish Bank  pays the Ferrari F1 team roughly €40m a year for sponsorship rights?

Q2.Phnom Penh is the capital of which country?

Q.3 Facebook announced the €1b dollar acquisition of what major photo app company last month ?

Q.4 Who succeeded Joseph Stalin as the leader of the soviet union?.

Q.5Tian Tian and Yang guang originally from china but now celebrities in Edinburgh are what?

Q.6.Which drug company is responsible for developing viagra?

Q.7.In 2010 Iberia officially announced its merger with which other national airline?

Q.8 The German food Bratwurst is a type of what?

Q.9 Which Spanish speaking country inspired the term “Banana republic”?

Q.10 The Scream recently sold at auction for 120€m but who is the painter and a bonus point for his nationality?.

Round 4 years and decades:

Q1 In what year did Alcott and Brown make the first non stop translatantic flight?

Q2.What year was Martin Luther King assasinated?

Q.3 In what year did India gain Independance from the UK?

Q.4.In what year was Anne Frank born?.

Q.5 In what year did Jules Verne publish around the world in 80 days?

Q.6.In what year did the gypsy kings release the song bamboleo?

Q.7.In what year did Ronald Regan become the president of the US?

Q.8.In what year was Orwells novel 1984 published?

Q.9 In what year did the Beatles break up?

Q.10 In what year did Miguel Indurain win his 1st Tour de france”?.

q.11 In what year was princessa Leitizia born

Q12 In what year was the first ever football world cup?

The pub quiz is run every Friday night in Totes y Amigos (calle Ribera del Genil, 2) There are drink promotions, great tapas and a fun and relaxed atmosphere, so come down and check it out for yourself. The rules are simple, teams are made up of 3 or 4 players, everyone pays €1 to play and the winning team keeps the prize fund. There are also a free round of drinks for the runners-up.

The questions for the quiz have all been written up by Granada Insider, so we have them here on our blog and feel free to use them if you are planning your own quiz, if you are in Spain or anywhere else. we hope that you find some good ideas for Spanish pub quiz questions.  If you have any queries or want to find out the answers, simply ask us in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for answers or have any queries about any facts, don’t hesitate to leave a message for us.


5 responses to “The Granada Pub Quiz

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  • Nick

    Hi – we run a club quiz every Friday here in La Manga – your questions look just the thing – so, would appreciate the answers !!

  • Granada Insider

    Hi Nick, please feel free to use the questions, a few of them might be a little dated as they are from 2011 / 12. Hmmm as for the answers, i will have a look and see if I can find them but not sure exactly where they would be, hopefully not just in my head.

  • juanitodelpuerto

    Hi, I run a quiz in El Puerto de Santa María in Cádiz. I was very pleased to find your questions as it gets harder every time to come up with new questions. I would very much appreciate it if you could supply the answers as well.

    Good luck with your quiz. We are struggling at the moment having lost several ex-pats over the last few years and we now have more spanish than english people.

    Best wishes, John.

    • Granada Insider

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment and I hope that you can make the best use of them. Unfortunately I wrote all of the questions up a few years back and have moved job, city and unfortunately computers too. I can’t find the documents where I might have had the answers.
      Attached is the only doc that I could find rummaging through my historical emails. Answers for march 16th

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