Best book about Granada bar none!

What happens to a man when he reaches mid life, loses his marriage, job and home, and decides on a whim to emigrate to a country where he can’t speak the language?

The Cats of the River Darro tells the tale of one such man’s adventures in the beautiful Spanish city of Granada. After hastily training to be an English teacher Liverpudlian Derek Dohren has nothing to lose except his dignity as he plunges head first from one classroom mishap to the next.

Wonderfully illustrated by talented new artist Natasha Phillips this hilariously entertaining book is written in an intriguing mix of straight narrative and fictional short stories with the writer regularly sharing his thoughts on art, religion, quantum physics, and of course cats.
Share the writer’s journey as he uses fantasy and science, God and the afterlife in a glorious attempt to make sense of a world that for him has been turned upside down.

On a parallel earth somewhere in the vast multiverse we call home this book has already zipped to the top of the bestsellers lists.


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If I had been told beforehand that this book would cover topics as diverse as teaching English, football legends, the question of identity, the beauty of art and quantum physics, I would have thought; whoa, that sounds really quite ambitious.

Somehow Dohren pulls it off, he covers all of these topics and many more yet it reads so easily as a story about a guy and his thoughts on the world. Through a naturally playful style with language and a large dose of self-deprecating humour he keeps the reader laughing out loud and turning the pages until the very end, wanting to find out what might happen next.

Its like a cross mix of Kerouac’s “On the Road” and a Monty Python sketch with a blast of Catch 22 for good measure.

In fact keeping with the Spanish theme of the book I would compare it to a Pedro Almodovar movie, at times blurring the distinction between fantasy and reality while always telling a compelling story with hilarious moments of natural humour. When Almodovar does get around to turning the book into a movie I would be keen to see Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan or Ardal O’Hanlon playing the lead role.

I look forward to reading the complete collection of the tales of drivel.

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