Getting Tefl’ed in Granada

With the current crisis, are you feeling the pinch, out of work and wondering what to do next?

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic people who are up for an adventure.  We are offering you the opportunity to begin a career teaching English as a Foreign Language, one of the few thriving businesses in Spain!

TEFL In Spain is a new TEFL certification centre located in beautiful Granada, Spain.  We provide you with all the knowledge and skills you will need to become successful English as a Foreign Language teacher. You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers.

At TEFL In Spain, you will gain insight into the world of language instruction, real teaching experience, and best of all, job guidance once you have completed the course.

Unlike many other schools, we GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT in Granada or Malaga for all of our students as a result of our collaboration with the great folks at Acadomia.

Our administrators are part of a large network of language schools throughout Spain. You will have access to the very best guidance and advice as you dive into your new career!

This intensive training course takes 4 weeks to complete.

The centre is paired with a well-established Spanish language school which shares the same building. Package deals are available that include the TEFL and Spanish language lessons.

So with a guaranteed job waiting for you here in the majestic city of Granada, what are you waiting for?! Take the first step and get in touch.


Or find out more at:

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