The Best of Facebook

Some funny status updates taken from the site that everybody loves to hate!! Brought to you by the good people of Granada Insider.

Dear Facebook users, how does your status compare to these? BTW, feel free to steal IDK the one that makes you LOL the most.

How do you get to be that guy who waves the chopsticks at the orchestra? I feel like I could do that.

Proud of myself. I finished a jigsaw puzzle in 6 months and the box said 2-4 years.

I stepped on a frosted flake. I guess that makes me a cereal killer.

They say the best thing to do for a woman is to make her laugh. I’d feel better if I actually spoke before she started laughing.

Someone told me you can pay for stuff on the internet by putting your credit card in the cd slot…is that true? Because that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard.

Comment: I tried it, but it says it only takes round discs.

Man I feel like eating something, like, you know what I’m talking about?

Does the new year start at 12 or 1?

Goodbye America, Hello New York!

I think Titanic is fake, ’cause how do they record it when all the people are dieing [sic] in the water?

Comment: So wait, the people in the movie aren’t alive? :/

Chicken corn on blue for dinner?

Is adolf hitler the same person as hitler?

There is no I in Happyness.

Downstairs, be back in a bit.

My life is SO fabulous…Jeal?

It is so windy outside I feel like a tornado is out there. You think if I put on Dark Side of the Moon I will be carried away to Oz???

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