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Due to the success of the first Granada Pub Quiz last Friday night we will be making it a weekly trivia event. Below you will find the questions from Last weeks quiz.

Last week there were over 30 participants with some €35 in prize money that went to the winning team. A great night was had by all and we look forward to seeing you there and competing for the top prize this Friday evening.

You can check here for some photos and all the details. Pub Quiz Trivia Granada

The winning team finished with a score of 36 out of a possible 47. The questions are as follow.

How well would you have done?

Quiz questions 9th Feb 2012-02-08

The Granada Pub Quiz Round .1

Q.1 What two colours make up the flag of Granada? 1 point for each.

Q,2 What is the collective name for Tinky winky, dipsy, la la and Po.

Q. 3Which Spanish Judge has been in the newspapers this week and has been told he is prohibited from being a judge for at least the next 11 Years. (surname will do)

Q.4 What planet is closest to the sun?

Q.5 Where would you find the sea of tranquillity or Mare tranquillitatis?

q. 6What is the name of the poker hand to contain three of a kind and a pair.

q. 7Who was on the front cover of Playboy magazine in 1953

q.8Who created the cartoon cat Garfield.

q. 9Who won the 1936 “miss hungary” title but had to give it up because she was only 16

q. 10Which toy derives its name from the Danish words for “Play-´Well”?

The Granada Pub Quiz  Round 2 Sporty couples:

Q.1 We all know that David Beckham is married to Victoria, but what was her maiden name.

Q.2 Before Christmas of Last year, Malena Costa announced that she had broken up with which Ageing  footballer.

Q.3 Mirka Vavrinec born in 1978 in Slovakia, a former professional tennis player gave birth to twin girls in July 09, but who is their swiss father.

Q. 4The American basketball player Tony Parker announced his divorce in 2010 from which major television star?

Q.5 After Spains triumph in the football world cup of 2010, which couples romantic kiss immediately went viral on YOUtube. 2 points, one for each of the couple.

Q.6 The Cyclist Lance Armstrong is married to which megastar singer songwriter.

Q.7 Which footballer whose son was born in the summer of 2010 is believed to have signed a million dollar contract so that the estranged mother would never see her son again.

Q.8 The English model Naomi Cambell made headlines in 2005 when she was linked with which Formula One boss.

Q.9 Rebecca June Cartright used to be a teen idol on the Australian soap Home and Away, playing the delicious Hayley, but who is her sporty husband?

Q.10 Jaden Gil born in Oct 2001 and Jaz Elle born two years later, both of their parents reached the very top of their game, but who are they.  Point for each.

The Granada Pub Quiz  Round 3 Something Fishy:

Q.1 Keiko the orca  is the real name of the star of this 1993 movie, what is the title of it?

Q.2 1998 Movie a A fish called Wanda starred John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis however it won one Oscar, for the best supporting actor, whose name in the movie is Otto. Who played the role. –

Q.3 Jaws is a classic that we all know and love directed by Stephen Spielberg, but in what year was it realesed. Within 5 years. For 1 point the exact year 2 points.

Q.4 The little Mermaid has been recreated many times as a an animated movie, musical theatre and ballet, but who wrote the original tale.

Q.5 Waterworld is the movie a big flop by all accounts but who played the starring role?

Q.6 Which hugely successful underwater movie won the Oscar for best animated feature in 2003?

Q.7 “Call me Ishmael” is the opening line to which American classic novel?

Q.8  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the stars in which 1987 romantic comedy?

Q.9 Captain Jack Sparrow and Will turner are the lead charcters in which Hugely successful 21st centure movie.

Q.10 The Dolphins are an American Football franchise out of Miami but what is the Baseball team from Miami called?

The Granada Pub Quiz Round 4 All things Spanish

Q.1 Who will be playing in this years football Copa del rey. 1 point for each.

Q.2 Extremadura is an autonomous community in Spain, but it is divided into 2 Provincias. Name the 2. 1 point for each.

Q.3 We know the Costa Tropical and there are some great unspoilt beaches on the costa de la Luz, but which famous sunny costa separates these two.

Q.4 Sofia is the wife of King Juan Carlos but in which capital city was she born?

Q.5 If you were drinking a glass of beer in Cuenca, which region of spain would you be in. Autonomous community.

Q.6 If you are watching football at el Madrigal, what team are the home supporters cheering for.

Q.7 What is the name of the Spanish national Anthem?

Q.8 Picasso’s most famous piece La Guernica resides at what museum.

Q. 9 With a height of With a height of 250 m what is the tallest building in Spain.

Q. 10 Francisco Rivera Pérez was a legendary bullfighter who was gored to death by a bull named “avispado” but what was he better known as?

There also more details to be found here. Pub Quiz and Trivia nights Granada.

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