The prediction list for Granada in 2012

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By this stage you have probably read the commentators and their predictions for the forthcoming year. You probably didn’t agree with most of them, sure neither did I. Here are some more that you reckon will probably never transpire.

But you never know, one or two just might.

2012 how it will pan out:

January: Due to the continuos rain and a little bit of cold, two weeks pass without a single Granaíno leaving their house. In an act of inspiration, it is decided the chinese new year will be celebrated by all. 新年快樂 

February: By the middle of the month the snow continues to bucket it down. In Granada the roads are closed and a city-wide blackout cuts eletricity on the night of the 14th. (Baby boom is expected by the end of November)

March: The two Irish pubs of the Realejo decide to call a truce for the first time in many a year. Together they grand-marshall the inaugural St. Patricks day parade down the Gran Vía de Colon, over 1 million free hats are distributed on the day.

April: the mayor of Granada gets called to the Hague, to face crimes against sensibility and links to the KKK,  the charges are of course dropped, Semana Santa is saved!! (woop woop) but it rains for the week and no processions make it out of the church.

May: New nationwide austerity measures are introduced by the PP, who announce that there will be no more puentes (bank holidays) for the rest of the year. Andalucía goes on strike, nay a worker to be seen.

June: I am not allowed to write for fear of breaking the strike. Apologies my comrades!

July: The strike comes to an end by the third week of July, just in time to pack the bags for summer vacations.

August: Not much to say, beer in one hand, propping against the chiringuito with the other, sun shining down, aint life a beach.

September: The University of Granada announces that it is going to be an Erasmus only university to help save the discoteca, our favourite Granada 10.

October: Local students fail to notice that they are no longer enrolled in UGR as they were pretty sure that classes in October are never meant to be attended.

November: The baby boom never materialises, another good reason to complain about “la Crisis”

December: As there are not the usual holidays of the 6th and the 8th, funcionarios are outraged as they work all the way until the 12th.

A cold afternoon at plaza Triunfo

A winter's day. Downtown Granada

Enjoy 2012 and we’ll see you around.

Check out the relaunched Granada Insider Website

Lots more stories, photos, and insider tips with everything you need to know about Granada.



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