Rain in Granada – What to Do?

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You will notice pretty quickly that the local Granadinos really do not like the wet weather and the city in general will be considerably quieter, with many sitting at home waiting for the rain to pass.

What to do in Granada when it rains:

Some more recent suggestions for Granada in the rain by @piccavey

Hot tea in a traditional tetería. The GI tea house of choice would certainly be Kasbah. For more on teahouses check out this article: Teterías in Granada

Eat estofado (stew), sounds like a good idea, or even somewhere that does a nice soup. Casa Lopez Correa would be close to top of my list. Review here


A new suggestion in from Sarah. Grilled tapas and the famous pork rotissiere at la Abadía. You can discover it here. Review la Abadía.

Bowling or cinema in Kineopolis. Also a good idea. Easier to get there by car, but the number 9 bus also goes there from Gran Vía.

At first one might think that there is not too much to do in the city when the heavens open.

But upon further exploration, there really are quite a lot of fun things to keep you entertained.

What about a trip to the Parque de las Ciencias (http://www.parqueciencias.com/parqueciencias/) currently showing an exhibition on 100 years of Spanish military aviation. There is also an exhibition running until the end of the year on MC Escher. He is a chap (an esteemed artist) who was a pioneer in manipulating reality through his use of optical illusions. It really is some funky stuff.

There is also a lot of other activities and displays throughout the year at the science museum to keep all age groups amused.

While the rain might not be the best time to sit in the uncovered stands of Estadio de los Carmenes watching a football game, it is an ideal oppurtunity to check out the football club’s Zaidin neighbours, the top flight basketball team CB Granada. (http://www.cbgranada.com/). They play in the Palacio de Deportes, and following in the tradition of American style basketball, it is more than just a game. They make an occasion out of it. With bars and restaurants, cheerleaders and mascots, once again fun for all the family.

Closer to the centre of the town there is of course some sites that can be enjoyed just as much in the rain as in any other weather. The Cathedral, la Capilla Real, or any of the various museums such as Centro Cultural, Museo de Bella Artes, Centro José Guerrero.  For full museum information make sure to check out the following resource: http://granadainsider.com/about/leisure.

There is of course the old rainy day classic of going to the cinema. Unfortunately (to Granada’s shame), none of the multi-screen cinemas show VOSE cinema, instead all movies are dubbed. If you are looking to find out what is on the big screen in Granada, go to http://www.hoycinema.com/cartelera/Granada.htm

Come wind rain or shine, you can always enjoy going to one of the many thousands of local bars in Granada.  Find a nice one with a welcoming atmosphere, some warm food and a sit down and get yourself cosy.

So looking back over the last 3 days here in Granada, with the long bank holiday weekend that was in it and the nonstop rain, what have I got up to. I think I did like most people and I sat at home in a grump really hoped for the sun to come back soon.

To sum things up, I would love to make this list a bit longer and more comprehensive. I want to hear your suggestions as to what to do when the dreaded rain is falling?

Another option might be to get indoors and watch one of Granada’s famous flamenco shows:

Live Flamenco dancing

You can find more details here.

Check out the relaunched Granada Insider Website

Lots more stories, photos, and insider tips with everything you need to know about Granada.





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