For the day that’s in it – April Fools

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An Insider’s look at our favourite day of April

The first of April, the day of the prankster, the day where even the most straight laced of individuals can give their mischievous side an opportunity to surface.

It is of course recognised internationally as April fools day.

A look back at some of the Classics from the past:

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest – 1957

This one comes from the well respected British institution the BBC and their news show Panorama. They announced that due to favourable winter conditions, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. Huge numbers called in looking for information on how to grow their own. Their response “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”

Drunk Driving On the Internet – 1994

For some of us out there, this might be a good ban and save many Monday morning blushes. But in 1994, in an article in PC Computing prankster John Dovorak described a new bill going through U.S. congress. He stated “the moniker ‘Information Highway’ itself seems to be responsible…. I know how silly this sounds, but congress apparently thinks that being drunk on a highway is bad no matter what kind of highway it is.’

The Left Handed Whopper – 1998

Perhaps a great marketing ploy, Burger king announced that they wanted to cater for the 32 million left handers in the U.S. They had devised an ingenious plan for their traditional whopper burger. The ingredients would be the same but that had rotated all condiments by 180 degrees for the left handed diner. They revealed it was a hoax when; not only did thousands come to their stores ordering the new whopper, but many also began insisting on the traditional right hander.

G-Pilot – 2009

A recent favourite from last year’s rounds of pranks. Google used the perfect day to unveil their all new Gmail autopilot. This would automatically read and respond to your personal emails saving you the hassle. They claimed their new feature was so advanced that it would work even if both sender and receiver had autopilot switched on. But they would not claim responsibility for committing you to dinner parties or social engagements in which you have no interest.

A couple of our favourite pranks from today’s offerings:

Portugal to sell Ronaldo to Spanish national team, to ease the country’s debt burden:

And here in Granada: Saying goodbye to the free tapa.

Some easy April fools to play on your friends or family.

Message Minder

Coordinate a few people to play this prank, Take turns to call up the target and persistently ask for Juan. At the end of the day have someone call up and say “this is Juan, do you have any messages for me today” Can be surprisingly effective when using jocular Spanish accent.

Some of the old classics that still amuse, switching the salt with the sugar, changing the time on alarm clocks, super gluing coins to the footpath.

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Check out the relaunched Granada Insider Website

Lots more stories, photos, and insider tips with everything you need to know about Granada.




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