The joys of 2nd division football

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I feel that I have very much hopped on the metaphorical bandwagon. But I will tell you one thing, it certainly is a lot more fun to be supporting a lower division team and not have to put up with pathetic demands of the primadonnas of top flight football in England and Spain. Cristiano and Didier, yes i am looking at you guys, time to grow up or at least grow a pair of cojones.

I am a supporter of Granada CF and proud.

Granada football

Do I know all the players names?  No.

I know Geijo is up front and scoring lots of goals, there is a Dani Benitez on the wing and I think their keeper is called Roberto.  From there I begin to struggle. But that does not take away from the joy of having a team to get behind on a Saturday afternoon or following closely the league tables and working out the possible combinations and permutations to see whether or not we will be making it to the play off’s of la liga adelante.

Granada supporters

The difference between the following the superstars and supporting a lower ranked team, for me is mainly a look a the lifestlye and attitude of the players. I find it difficult to warm to a person who is paid €100,000+ a week to kick a ball around and still appear ungrateful (maybe it is this apparent ungratefulnees that makes them winners?). They don’t give a flying shite about their supporters, so I sure am not going to feel under any obligation or loyalty to them.

It brings me onto one of the more profound questions.

What is football supporting all about anyway? I am asking this question, from the point of view of very much being a self proclaimed fair weather supporter ( I enjoy the good times, and tend to skip the bad). But I think football was invented as a sport to be played, it was the taking part that counts.

Then the game progressed and big clubs with thousands of supporters were born. I am sure that there is plenty of philosphers that could be quoted at this point and that have put it more succintly than me, but sure I will give it a go.

Man needs to feel a part of something. We need to be a part of a community. For many, supporting the local football team is the easiest way to share this common bond or sense of community with our neighbour and a chance of escapism from normal life for 90 minutes every weekend. Some tend to need this bond and release more fervently than others.

I hopped on the Granada CF bandwagon, not because I think they play nice football, or their players are worthwhile chaps who deserve my support. But simply as an outsider in a new city it is an easy “in”. When the results are going our way, everybody is a part of it. I can walk into the local bar, pretend that I don’t already know the result,  ask the score and then start to praise or disparage as the situation deserves. In the eyes of the barman and the couple of auld fellas, I am no longer the pale skinned foreigner that I was 5 minutes previously, we now have something shared.

Ultra Sur - Granada

¡Aupa Rojiblancos!

To go see Granada play in the Estadio de los Carmenes, you can purchase tickets from the Monday before each home game in the club shop on Calle recogidas 25 or online at ticketmaster.

That is enough of my personal rant, if you are ever looking to find some interesting reading, particularly about granada, don’t be a stranger, go to where thankfully they do not give me too much space and prefer the professionals do the talking.

Please note: due to limited word capacity of wordpress and probably the internet in its entirety it is impossible for me to fit in all of my critiism that I wish to express concerning, Sepp Blatter, Fifa and the gods at Sky Sports.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of Granada CF in action.

Granada pay the penalty

No Primadonnas in the 2nd division

Granada Fans



Well after saturday s result and Granada have now be promoted to the top table of spanish football I am going to have to rethink my whole game plan on who I support come next September.

I did however greatly enjoy the game and the celebrations around Granada afterwards. It came close to the scenes that were witnessed after Spains world Cup triumph last summer.

Here is a quick taster of what Granada was like last night as the team was welcomed home on an open top bus tour of Granada.


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6 responses to “The joys of 2nd division football

  • Football Orphan

    Really enjoyed the article and the pictures. Part of The reason I started a blog in the first place was to find the reasons why people adopt unusual teams. Hammer. Nail. Head. Well done mate.

    • Granada Insider

      Glad that you liked the post. I find that I do get tired of the millionaire superstars, and unfortunatly due to the phenomenal talent of barca they have made la Liga a little bit boring and predictable of late. I feel there is something a little bit more sincere about the lower level teams and players who are more likely to be ready for a scrap.

  • Granada Insider


    After another win yesterday, Granada are now in severe danger of making the end of season play-offs.
    Once in the play-offs one out of four of the teams will be gaining promotion the La Primera, and it is anybody’s guess as to which team that will be.

    Should Granada get promoted to the bid time (big time Primadonnas that is) it is going to be a tough one then for me as to who I will be able to support.

  • Granada Insider

    Everybody now knows that Granada CF have assured themselves a place in the play-offs to see if they can win promotion to La Primera Division. But it appears that nobody is quite sure how the Play-offs are going to work. It is after all the first year that they have been introduced.

    We have put together a guide to just exactly how they are going to work and we include the relevant dates and teams for the play-off.

    Here is the link

  • Granada Insider

    That was a little bit too exciting for my liking as Granada got through to the final on a sudden death penalty shoot out v Vigo. The full match report and details of the final can be found here:

  • Juan

    Algunos post me agradaron mas… 🙂

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