“Don’t Weep Like a Woman…

….for what you could not defend as a man.”

This was of course directed at Boabdil (Abu-Abdallah) as he looked back for a final time at the Alhambra and his lost kingdom of Granada.

And who proffered these sympathetic words to the defeated leader. Well that would have been his own mother of course, the Sultana Ayelsha.

2010 saw 3,345,311 visitors the Alhambra. Even with the limited entry policy, nearly 10,000 people a day visited what is considered the eight modern wonder of the world.

A video and afew photos of Spain’s most visited site:


Taken from the Mirador de San Nicolas

From the mirador San Cristobal

The old lady guarding the city


Night view from San Nicolas


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One response to ““Don’t Weep Like a Woman…

  • Heidi

    What a privilege it is to be a student in Granada when your school is right next to the Mirador de San Nicholas! I never tire of looking out to the Alhambra while enjoying some gypsy music during my midday break.

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