My inner geek, obsessed with Google Analytics

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What is the first thing that most people usually do when they turn on their computers in the morning?

Answers on a postcard.

For me it used to be to have a quick glance at my emails, see if there is anything personal or interesting looking, then I usually skim the newspapers and enjoy my second or third coffee of the morning.

But things have changed.

A bit of background to my inner geek: I have always been a little bit of a fan of graphs and diagrams and I will admit that I went through a stage with excel where I used to turn everything into a graph or flow chart.

Who thought going for a run could be so graphic?

Anyway I am digressing,

My point is that one of the first things that I do when I turn on the computer in the morning in the last couple of months to check out Google analytics for our website.  I love to check the graphs and see the percentages that the traffic has been increasing but I also love analysing their pie charts for the entrance paths to the website and who are our biggest refferers.

Now the good thing is that I am usually pleased with most of what I see as the site has been growing steadily from its launch 8 months ago (through sweat and tears obviously). However the question that I always ask myself is how long is it healthy to spend analysing all of the data, because in truth there really is a lot there to look at. In Management speak what is the ROI on my time spent analysing.

I have no idea, but for the moment I think it imperative to have a good idea what is going on, who comes to visit and what are they reading, but as we are still very much early days, too much time (more than 20min a day) is probably wasted time when I could certainly be much more productive if I were doing something else. Maybe like thinking about relevant posts for my blog.

But if drawing graphs was an interest that came and went for me, and looking at g.a. statistics is a current one, my love of geography  has been an ever present. Hence the “map overlay” definitly excites me much more than it should.

A view from last month's dashboard

Oh and there is another thing that I find great fun to check out while I have the anylytics open, is the key words used to find the site, and then trying to figure out how on earth they found us.

There is of course the regular ones that you would expect, Magazine Granada, english speakers, and the variations like Grandaa Insiders, or Insidier Magazine Granad,

but search terms like: where can i find marihuana in granada , I thought that we said it before GI does not condone drug use. Officially anyway.

What about this one; schusting down the piste .  I must add at this stage by any amazing coincidence that you happened to be that person using one of these google search terms and managed to click on our page, I am by no means complaining or criticising I am simply just curious. But as the addage goes: Google moves in mysterious ways.

moorish fabric saint remy Eh?? No I am not sure that we can help on that one.

That is all I have time for at the moment as I am really keen to publish this post so that I can get onto my wordpress dashboard and check my sites stats.

Hasta banana,

A quick update 6 months later, and happy that we have got the unique visitors in to from over 100 countries, which is not bad, cos I certainly could not name that many, but good to see as I am always happy, the broader the reach that we have the better it is for us and just shows that people are using our website when they are planning their trip to the alhambra and to find out where to eat and what to do.

As for keywords that have been used for people have searched for that have led them to the site, well that just continues to grow at an incredible rate, with over 60% of our traffic coming through google. I am happy to see that we are appearing on more and more of Googles firstpage. 1,682 distinct keywords have been monitored to date.

I like “talking english granada, granada” or even “insiders granada” or where on earth is “club luna llena” I thought that I knew most of the content and most of the bars and clubs around Granada, but club luna llena has me stumped.

A look at how we have covered Spain.

google analytics look at spain


And of the british people interested in Granada

Information for Brits about Granada

Check out the relaunched Granada Insider Website

Lots more stories, photos, and insider tips with everything you need to know about Granada.




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3 responses to “My inner geek, obsessed with Google Analytics

  • Granada Insider

    Ah a new favourite key word that directed to our webste, this one definitly made me giggle:
    taco granada -hills -bell

    I have never even been to Taco Bell, nor have I ever been to Granada Hills, which I think is somewhere in California, but the most amazing part of that, was that somehow they got directed to our site looking for taco bell in Granada Hills, and then they stayed on the site for a further 4 minutes, they didnt get the right answer to their search query, but obviously liked the look of the site.

  • Granada Insider

    Just to comment and update on our most beautiful website, that would be . It has been a pleasure.
    To start off I thought that we would have the 1 million unique vistors up by this stage, well we don’t, but we are getting closer.
    What is interesting is that every month the traffic is certainly increasing (except for December) apparently nobody likes to use the internet over Christmas.
    As for a Map update, we have got 79 countries up from the source of visits. The only one in Europe that has not is Finland (C’mon all you Finns, get online)
    Our US visitors from across the pond are Many and frequent. Not surprising when broken down into states, California provides the largest amount of our visitors followed by New York.
    What is funny is that we have only reached 40 out of the 50 states. The incredible thing is that when you look at the analytics map, there is white streak (visitor void) that stretches right down the centre of the country all the way from North Dakota to Mississippi. I guess the good folk in the mid west are just not all that interested in reading about Granada, Spain.
    Flash back to Europe, naturally enough Spain is number one. Accounting for over half of all visitors to the site. Followed by the United Kingdom, from which we have recieved visitors from some 115 cities. My geography of England is limited to League football and I will admit there is some cities coming up on that map that I have never in my life heard of before.
    Will be back soon with some of the best and the worst of the key word searches.

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