The Inverted Catch 22.

Becoming Self Sufficient!

I don’t think it is possible to become fully self sufficient (for me anyway) and not something that I think is necessarily the most sane or advisable thing to do. This is not a post about burning money and living in the forest, maybe I will write one of them in another place and another lifetime.

However.. I do think that one (when talking about one, I am of course referring to it in the royal sense, ie Me) can aspire to become a little bit more self sufficient. I think I first started thinking a little bit more about such a thing when I met a californian new age hippy chick who told me all about plumbing and car maintenance courses that she had done so that she would never need to get an expert to fix things for her. My first thoughts;  what I didn’t say was that I thought that she might be the one a few spanners short of the toolbox.

So what am I talking about when I talk about becoming more self sufficient. Well more of the little things, around the house etc. fixing broken door handles, drawers etc, ie the type of things that are likely to get broken in the course of decent fiesta.  A €1 tube of glue and a little imagination goes a long way.  That was for starters, a few months after I had started in this new direction, I was faced with a bigger challenge.  A seeming harmless game of “throw the hot potatoe” yes we actually were passing around a hot potatoe (purely for the s and gs), until we broke the window. Unfortunatly it wasnt just any window, but the balcony window over looking Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. My first thought was, hmmm we need a glazer, so how do you say that in spanish again.

Oh no we werent going to go look for the yellow pages (way to sensible an option), instead got the measuring tape out, took all details that might be necessary and went on a tour of La Latina. A few stops along the way for little bits and pieces (I think a caña or two was consider necessary for the hard work ahead), the funniest part when we went in to buy the sheet of glass, the old fella behind the counter looked us up and down, and asked ¿You two fixing it?, us trying to look confident.. eh Sí señor….”Without breaking, eh!” well thanks for the vote of confidence anyway.  Six hours later: a good bit of sweat, a little bit of blood, a wayward nail but thankfully no tears. We had a shining new window replaced on the 3rd floor balcony over looking the pride of España.

for those naysayers..

New window in an older frame

Satisfaction with a Job well done

Food is obviously another key ingredient to the whole self sufficiency thing. Some people prefer cooking than others, that is fair enough. I think the pleasure in eating helps this process of spreading culinary wings, a little flair is also definitly important. But with more confidence than proven competence I decided to take on a couple of little yum yum’s that I enjoy but are consider something of a delicacy. Hummus, bingo-bango  Garbanzos, lime juice, olive oil and a pinch of salt, throw it in the blender and you are laughing (while happily munching of course).  So I stepped it up a gear. Chicken Liver Paté. More preparation needed (20min in total), and I am going to keep my ingredients a secret, mainly because they change everytime I make it depending on what is in the cupboard, but I had myself a kilo of homemade 5 star* patè for about €3.00. Feckin Delish! I also started making Iced Tea by the gallon load, I’ll tell you, a lot cheaper than that nestle nonsense.

So I have covered one’s basic DIY, and a bit of cooking, Next up technology.

I have never been one of those that gets too excited by new gadgets or feel lost if I am not up to date with the cutting edge. But ..When I am on the computer, I have a certain basic philosophy: the computer or any specific program will be able to perform or do any possible task that one (or maybe just me) can imagine, you are working in excel and have an equation, e.g you want to multiply the sum of the parts if their star sign is the same as the pets name of your favourite actor. It can be done, for proof check it out  ¬amazingformualas4me

Ok, if you just fell for that link, my apologies I am just showing off now. My point though, that whatever you want to do on the computer, somebody else has already made this possible to do. A second person has probably describe in detail how to do it. A third person has probably twisted a sexy inyourendo out of it and it is a now a major money spinner. Finally a fourth person has come along and made a YouTube video explaining in a monotone voice  how simple it is to do. And credit where credit is due, they usually do make it quite simple to do. Its good fun to Google how to achieve more with Google, or log onto YouTube to find out how to become a hit on YouTube and facebook to…..well what do people search on fb, a little of everything.

In Summary, it is easy to find simple instructions to do pretty much anything. Things are easy to do once you have instructions, I like to call it an inverted catch 22.  So get inspired, go out there and make, fix create whatever you let your imagination come up with. If you are having trouble remembering what I was talking about either I was waffling or you need to try improve your memory (proper link this time).

As my friend Georgie once told me

“Some men see things as they are and say why – I dream things that never were and say why not.” GB Shaw

* the 5star rating for the pat’e is of course the “me’chillin” star system and has been criticized for some cases of extreme bias.


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3 responses to “The Inverted Catch 22.

  • Pablo Q

    Nice post, a little bit random but sometimes random is good, no. You talk about the computer and doing stuff for yourslef, what about social media, what do you think on that?

    • Granada Insider

      Thanks for your comment Pablo Q, ah yeah random certainly keeps me entertained. As for social media, I would think, love it or loathe it, it is a part of society these days and is not going anywhere soon, even as if some people think facebook has got to big for its boots, something new will fill the void if it where to fall. I think Pablo you have just given me a good idea for a new post sometime very soon. But finally if social media is your thing, make sure to check us out our facebook group (Granada Insider) or follow us on twitter (@GranadaInsider) while you are at it you can connect with me on LinkedIn. And of course make sure to Digg this blog and let other people StumbleUpon us.

  • Anonymous

    kind of a fun read haaha thanks!

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