Me and my Baby

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You didn’t know that I had a baby. Well it is one of those metaphorical babies.

I am of course referring to the Granada Insider, or I usually just call her GI.

Like all good babies it started with conception, not sure of the exact date, I can’t say that it was really planned and I am very embarrassed to admit that some drink may have been involved, but it was after a late night sometime mid december 2009. To my own and I think everybody else’s amazement the gestation was much shorter than the usual 266 days (definitely much shorter than the crazy 2 years that elephants have to endure) and on 21st of March 2010 GI was born.

I did of course wet the babies head, but for economic reasons I had to exchange the champagne and cigars for a cider and kebab.

Over the next few weeks, I was like any new parent, a little tired but glowing with pride. I carried her everywhere with me, sometimes in the rather unorthodox manner of placing her in a satchel on my back, but usually in the treasured carrier cart, pushed out front. Naturally I wanted to show her off to everybody I met, and of course everybody showed some interest and were very complimentary but nobody else really saw the pure beauty that I saw in her.  She was after all a piece of me.

Over the next few months she began to grow very quickly, and the differences from month to month were sometimes outstanding. But I have to be honest, those first few months she kept me awake many nights and gone were my lie ins on a saturday morning. My regular siestas were also lost to her constant demands.

The other thing was the agitations, there was so many minor little worries, but the cause of the irritation (thankfully none were too smelly) was not always immediately obvious.  But after a little soothing and lots of tlc, calm was normally restored without any harm done.

Despite the fact that the love often appears un-reciprocated, I am so devoted to her  it is hard to put into words.As she grows and is coming close to her first birthday she allows me to sleep a little better at night. I have to add thanks to friends and family for those first couple of months for all their help and I still could not live without their assistance as she is still pretty much 100% dependant.

Ohh my do I have such plans for her over the next few years and can’t wait to record all the changes. Hopefully soon she will be over the teething problems, (nobody likes teething) then to see her crawl will be such a joy and I will be so proud (and relieved) the day she starts to walk on her own two feet.

Of course she will still be dependant for a number of years to come, but gradually I am sure she will become adventurous and take on more of a character of her own and want to go out there and explore the wider world.

And if all things go to plan, in about 18 years  or so, she will fly the nest and I will be able to get back to those afternoon siestas that I enjoy so much.


Just 3 days before the birth of GI (anxious)

Check out the relaunched Granada Insider Website

Lots more stories, photos, and insider tips with everything you need to know about Granada.




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